In the Tube With Shapiro

darin shapiro
In the Tube With ShapiroWKB

Running into wakeboarding celebrities on the lakes of Orlando is commonplace, but the other day I was lucky enough to meet up with Darin Shapiro, who was packing up after a surf session in Satellite Beach. It's not a huge secret that if you want to find Darin away from wakeboarding's Grand Central, you can just show up at 2nd Light, one of Satellite's main breaks, when the waves are up. Shapiro's been surfing longer than wakeboarding, as a kid he rode the south Florida shoreline way before he knew what a Skurfer was.

Darin and I talked in the parking lot for awhile and I got the low-down on what he's been doing in the off-season besides surfing. He said that Shaun Murray dragged him over to the OWC cable park a few weeks ago to hit the new sliders, and since then he's been returning almost every day. He's looking forward to seeing sliders working into the Pro Tour next year. "Just doing runs is getting pretty old. People are tired of just seeing passes," Shapiro said.

Darin has been on the Pro Tour since '92 and looks casually at touring next year. "Well, the money's there , and all I really have to do is go out and ride a few times each weekend ."
Sliders on the Pro Tour will hopefully get the fire going again inside Darin. Otherwise, we'd hate to see him on the cover of Surfer magazine ripping down the face of a 15-foot wave - but, wait a minute - that might be pretty cool.