Darin Rayzor

As California sheds it’s winter coat, the runoff keeps most of the water temperatures very modest. Spring is in the air, but definitely not the water. This didn’t keep Darin Rayzor from going huge and displaying a style that reflects origins of both skating and snowboarding. 21-year-old Rayzor is always psyched to ride, probably because he wasn’t exactly spoon-fed watersports. He started riding only a few short years ago, but don’t be fooled by his modest demeanor. Out on the water he is very impressive, both fluid and stylie. Although he prefers grabs and spins he’s not afraid to go huge and land blind. After sticking several rolls, a switch crow mobe and nailing a huge 360 off the double up, he took a minute to thaw out on the dock.

Where did you grow up?
Livermore, California.

That’s not exactly right on the water is it?
No, it’s about an hour away, but when I was 12 my folks moved to Discovery Bay on the Delta.


What got you into wakeboarding?
I started kneeboarding and skurfing on the old yellow skurfer so wakeboarding was just a natural progression. It’s all I’ve done since.

What influences your style the most?
Just watching other people ride, and then trying to push myself to go the biggest I can. My bro Rich really pushes me, but he just moved to Florida. I also ride with Corey and Bob – they’re really riding well and that helps a lot.

What do you do when your not wakeboarding?
I ride BMX, mountain bikes and spend time with my girlfriend Theresa. I also skate a little bit, but it’s so brutal. During the winter I try to snowboard as well.


Who are your favorite riders?
Byerly, Necrason and Greg Nelson. They’re all really stylie. Oh yeah, and Thomas Horrell.

You recently started riding a Vashon and Hyperlite’s top pros all ride the Signature Series. Why’s that?
It just feels good. Out of all the boards I’ve had on my feet, the Vashon just feels the best for my style of riding. I like a board that pops off the wake and this has a lot of lift with a nice edge.

What do you think of Hyperlite’s tour team?
They’re all super good riders and really down to earth. If I got to the point where I had enough talent to go on tour I would, but the pressure of competition usually gets to me, so I ride much better when freeriding.


Ever had a gnarly accident?
Nope. Never had a bad accident. (Knocks on the dock.)

What’s your ideal boat to ride behind?
Since I don’t have one, anything really. But, a Sport Nautique with like eight people in it and some weight.

How would you describe your style?
Hopefully smooth.


What was your first invert?
A tantrum. Then a frontside front roll and then a scarecrow. Currently I’m busting big switch crow mobes. But my favorite moves are spins.

Who’s helped keep you stoked on riding the most?
I’d like to thank Paul O’Brien at Hyperlite. He’s done a lot for me. And all my frieends that have boats – without them I’d be nobody.

When you surf the couch, do you prefer music or TV?
I don’t ever watch TV, except videos. As for music I listen to alternative. Punk, jazz, rock, reggae, whatever. I’m easy.