Cutun Martin

Edgardo “Cutun” Martin holds no equal in his native-land Argentina. The 23-year-old from Buenos Aires has won three consecutive national titles (1997-99) and the same number of South American Championships (held each year in Uruguay.) So it was no wonder that he finally burst onto the U.S. pro scene this April by making the finals in Orlando. Before you start thinking “tournament machine” though, step back. Cutun has got a style as smooth as some of the better-known Americans and an easy-going attitude that belies his desire to win contests. He is currently hopping the country from stop to stop, so if you see him at an event, feel free to say hi. He speaks English and is always willing to talk wakeboarding.

First things first, what’s Cutun (pronounced Kah-toon) stand for?
When my mother was pregnant, my father heard my heartbeat and said it sounded like, “tu-cutun, tu-cutun, tu-cutun,” kind of like a horse running. When I was born he started calling me Cutun.

You’ve been lurking beneath the pros for a few years now, competing in Men 1 at the World’s. Why are you all of the sudden making pro finals?
Because I used to trick ski and tried to keep my ranking up with that, so it took time away from wakeboarding. Now I only wakeboard.


You sure don’t look like you’re trick skiing when you ride.
I have my own style on wakeboards. It’s part me and part from growing up and seeing my heroes ride in videos and magazines. I tried to use my style and learn things also from riders like Scott Byerly and Gregg Necrason and others. They are the guys I grew up watching so I tried to copy one or two things they did and do them for myself.

What’s better about America than Argentina?
The American girls – they are nicer here. You can stop a girl here in the street and she will talk to you and be nice to you. In Argentina they are shy – beautiful, but shy.

What’s better about Argentina than America? My friends are there. It’s rather similar to the U.S. though.


Favorite American movie?
Happy Gilmour

I was with Neptune, but I just recently switched to O’Brien. I’m also with Nautiques, Bare, Smith and Sessions Clothing.