Chase Heavener

Chase Heavener
Hometown: Winter Park, Florida
Signature Moves: blind 720.
Claim to Fame: Winner of the 1998 Pine Cone Batting Accuracy competition.

Before you start screaming favoritism, stop. Chase Heavener has everything it takes to be the best rider in the world. He may be a little too sweet to ever adopt the killer instinct it takes to win competitions, but don't count him out just yet. The thing you notice most when Chase rides is how much control and style the kid has. The board never stops moving, and the moves never stop coming. Plus, there's the note found conspicuously hanging on Tony Smith's computer several days after word got out that we were doing this article:

"My name is Tony Smith and Chase Heavener is my idol. I think Chase is in the top 10 on my list of wakeboarders, and come to think of it, he is the best wakeboarder in my opinion. When I go out and wakeboard I try to be just like Chase because he is the best, even better than Jeremy, Darin or even Dean. I am going to put Chase in all of the slots on my top 10 list because he is that good. Chase is a winner in my book. Things to Remember, by Tony Smith: CHASE RULES!!!!"