Andrea Gaytan

  • Andrea Gaytan
    Hometown: Orlando, Florida
    Signature Moves: Spins, krypt.
    Claim to Fame: The original and the most blatantly stylish of the women riders right now. Dresses to kill, whether she's cracking a whip or standing on the podium.

  • Andrea worked alone for years to gain respect for the women's side of wakeboarding and deserves a ton of credit for where her sport is today. She was as integral a part of the Fulltilt team as any of the marquee guys during its heyday. In fact, she had to compete against the men as recently as 1994 because there was no woman's division. Fiery, open-minded and funny as hell, Andrea has a style only time can give you - she is the only female who can do blind 180s and blind 360s with any consistency.