A Day In The Life Shaun Murray

  • Shaun Murray - an everyday guy with a
    different every day. Shaun's life is as dramatic and varied as a television soap opera. It's
    intermittently laced with phone calls,
    photo shoots, work, play, and the never-ending
    duty of being a star living a star-studded life.
    The set, his down-home suburban estate on
    the outskirts of Orlando, can at times be
    hectic with herds of guests or quiet as a country cabin. But with all this, one thing is sure: There's
    not a whole lot of acting going on. He's
    just living and enjoying each day, both in
    the spotlight and out. So I invite you to flip
    through the channels and enjoy a daily episode, this one mixed, as usual, with the day-to-day trials of a normal guy and a wakeboarding sensation posing for the cameras. Warning: This may be as close as you'll ever get to living Shaun's life.