1 Readers Poll - Defining Wakeboardings Allstars

Shaun Murray is fast becoming the wakeboarding equivalent of death and taxes. Will there ever be a Reader's Poll where he doesn't make the list? His talent, individuality, creativity and overall mastery of this sport are obviously not easily overlooked. But as much as that says about Shaun's considerable ability and appeal, it says more about how smart you, the readers, are. Because if Shaun is the binding you feel holds this sport together, then the 15 other (there was one tie) wakeboarders who appear next to him are the volume you create. By defining who you like in the growing pantheon of wakeboarding professionals, you have defined what wakeboarding is at this moment. The numbers next to their names represent the consensus of opinion on how important each was to you when you filled out the ballot. But the important thing is that you have chosen a group that symbolizes ALL the characteristics of this sport: going big, spinning elegantly, trying new things just for the sake of trying them, and doing it all for the love of being out on the water. If WakeBoarding's Reader's Poll could talk, these are the 16 words it would have to say ...


1. Shaun Murray
def: 1 a: serving to distinguish b: having or giving style or distinction 2: capable of making a move different in meaning and in appearance. Syn: see Shaun Murray

2. Scott Byerly
def: 1 a: creative ability b: the thinking or active mind 2: the ability to converge on and confront a slider and deal with it. Syn: see Scott Byerly

3. Darin Shapiro
def: 1 a: to bring to a state or position of equipoise b: to poise in or as if in balance 2: to go huge and turn to blind at the last possible moment. Syn: see Darin Shapiro

4. Gregg Necrason
1 a: to make intense or more intensive b: having or showing a characteristic in extreme degree 2: to increase the impact and contrast of a photographic image. Syn: see Gregg Necrason

5. Parks Bonifay
def: 1 a: relating to, characterized by, or based on competition 2: inclined, desiring or suited to compete 3: X-Games champion. Syn: see Parks Bonifay

6. Randy Harris
def: 1 a: exceptional in amount, quality or degree b: to go beyond a limit set by 2: to just go off. Syn: see Randy Harris

7. Shane Bonifay
def: 1 a: to rise above or go beyond the limits b: to outstrip or outdo in some attribute, quality, or power 2: must transcend all other talent in the future. Syn: see Shane Bonifay

8. Thomas Horrell
def: 1 a: of or relating to a hard core b: a relatively small enduring core of society marked by apparent resistance to change 2: the cutting of and shaping of tools for the purpose of wakeskating. Syn: see Thomas Horrell

9. Matt Staker
def: 1 a: to open or prepare for others to follow b: to originate or take part in the development of 2: a foot soldier in the crussade for the new way of wakeboarding. Syn: see Matt Staker

10.(tie) Steve Wahlman
def: 1 a: possessed of or displaying skill b: having acquired mastery of or skill in something 2: dexterity or coordination, esp. in the execution of flying across, water. Syn: see Steve Wahlman

10.(tie) Gator
def: 1 a: so extreme as to challenge belief b: marked by extravagant fantasy or extreme individuality 2: to go extremely big off the double-up. Syn: see Gator a.k.a. Eric Lutgert


1. Tara Hamilton
def: 1 a: action, inclination or thought based only on natural desires and instincts b: possessing or exhibiting the higher qualities of human nature 2: the ability to land on one's feet after booting a huge front flip. Syn: see Tara Hamilton

2. Tina Bessinger
def: 1 a: a special skill or ability acquired by training or practice b: to bring about by effort 2: to succeed in coming back from devastating injury. Syn: see Tina Bessinger

3. Marie Botved
def: 1 a: marked by ready ability to move with quick easy grace b: mentally quick and resourceful 2: able to create swift, vigorous, and nimble acrobatics on and above the water. Syn: see Marie Botved

4. Jamie Necrason
def: 1 a: the conduct, aims or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person b: the following of a profession for gain or livelihood 2: continuing one's education while competing on wakeboard Pro Tour. Syn: see Jamie Necrason

5. Andrea Gaytan
def: a: mental or moral strength to venture, preserve and withstand danger, fear or difficulty b: having or characterized by bravery 2: the adornment of spiked dog collar during Fulltilt photo shoot. Syn: see Andrea Gaytan