The 2014 Wake Awards

September 16, 2014

This year the Wake Awards brought everyone together for the 11th time in history to celebrate the best happenings in wake from the past 365 days. In a night full of cheering, celebrating and partying, a large part of the wakeboarding community met, and there was much rejoicing.

wakeboarding awards
The 2014 Wake Awards WBM

The Wake Awards has always highlighted the best in wake, and it did so again in dramatic fashion as Brad Smeele accepted the Indmar Trick of the Year award by the powers of technology, and delivered an unforgettable moment for all the attendees.

A big thanks to all the sponsors of the 2014 Wake Awards: Rockstar Energy, Malibu Boats, Indmar Marine Engines, Surf Expo, Sesitec, WSIA and Skylon!


List of 2014 Winners:

Check Out Award – Ben Leclair

Best Women’s Rider – Meagan Ethell

Best Wake Park Rider – Daniel Grant


Best Rail Rider – Graeme Burress

Best Photographer – Bryan Soderlind

Best Video Part – Wakeskate – Andrew Pastura / Aaron Pastura – Human Rocket


Best Video Part – Wakeboard – Chris Abadie / Patrick Wieland – Drop The Gun

Best Web Video – JD Webb / Spencer Norris – Another One Down

Best Wakeskater – Andrew Pastura


Industry Icon – Herb O’Brien

Best Video – Drop The Gun – Patrick Wieland / Shredtown

Best Wakeboarder – Harley Clifford

Indmar Trick of the Year – Wakeskate: Ben Horan, Varial Heel

Indmar Trick of the Year – Wakeboard: Brad Smeele, Double Indy Tantrum to Blind


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