The Recap: Quebec City’s Wakest Rail Competition

Summer’s long-awaited 2009 COORS LIGHT WAKEST was held on August 15 at Baie de Beauport in Quebec City, Canada. The 6,000-odd spectators were quick to label the event a fun, spectacular, and exotic success as both wakeboard fans and those completely new to the sport enjoyed a great day out in the sun!

Billabong Slider Battle

Seventeen men took part in the heats, with each competitor having two chances to impress the judges. Only their best performance was considered, and eight of the seventeen advanced to the Billabong Slider Battle final. The huge crowd witnessed a first-rate competition, with wakeboarding’s crème de la crème in attendance! Wakest 2009 welcomed Raphaël Derome, 2nd at the 2008 world championships and U-18 world champion, as well as Canadian champions Didier Godbout and Yannick Thibault.



1.Raphaël Derome – Coteau-du-Lac ($3,500)

2.Dustin O’Farrel – British Columbia ($1,500)


3.Didier Godbout – Valleyfield ($ 1,000)

Six women took part in their heats, which followed the same format as the men’s competition. Four of them took part in the inaugural Wakest women’s final.



1.Marie-Lyne Ouellette – Montréal ($250)

2.Erica Langman – Ontario ($100)

3.Laurence Daoust – Montréal ($50)


Best Trick

Competitors vied to pull off their best trick to wow the judges and impress the crowds in sunny conditions at Baie de Beauport. Yannick Thibault from Pointe-Calumet came out on top, winning $2,000 in prize money.

B****illabong Girl Wahine Fashion Parade

In a fun and friendly atmosphere, the new collection of Billabong swimsuits and accessories was unveiled to the crowd in an exotic torchlit fashion parade by the water! The vacation-themed parade set music to a great set and stunning visual effects.

FMXTOUR.COM Freestyle Motocross Show

The FMXTOUR team was also on hand to introduce the crowd to another extreme sport on Saturday. Canada’s Morgan Kaliszuk and America’s Dan Newth were in action, wowing the crowd with their stunts, including the infamous back flip, in an intense hour-long performance!


From electro to techno, house, and hip-hop, the DJs kept the tunes coming last Saturday! Beast Soundsystem and BEATNUTS had the crowd on its feet in no time!

Back for Another Year? Why Not!

The crowd and competitors alike agreed that Baie de Beauport is the perfect venue for a competition like Wakest. And there’s a very good chance of the event returning to Baie de Beauport next year, with organizers doing their utmost to ensure that the 2010 edition is equally fun-packed and just as spectacular!