Board Beats Sponsors Melissa Marquardt and Shelby Kantar in Rail Jam

Fuel Records makes a huge presence at the ASA Supergirl Jam in conjunction with the US Surf Open on the beaches of Huntington Beach, California by sponsoring the first wake involvement at the all-girls jam. Around 400,000 spectators came out to the US Surf Open in conjunction with the Supergirl Jam. The top female pro boarders from all board sports were competing in street skate, vert, and surf. A snowboarding rail jam took place with 30,000 lbs of snow placed on the beach. Hosting the event included Olympic snowboard athlete Gretchen Bleiler and skateboarding's Lyn-Z Adams.

Board Beats sponsored two of the top pro women wakeboarders at the event including Melissa Marquardt and Shelby Kantar. "I was really impressed with the level of riding from each women's sports. There was always a full crowd around each event which really seemed to pump up the riders," says Shelby Kantar. Melissa and Shelby signed hundreds of autographs for fans and raffled off the Blue Octane Wakeboard Edition Album and wakeboards. "There is talk of a wakeboarding rail jam being incorporated into the event in 2009," stated Emmy Ledbetter, co-owner of Board Beats. Many of the athletes competing at the US Open and Supergirl Jam will be featured on the upcoming Board Beats album. Stay tuned at and