Green Grass Wake Jam Wrap Up

The Green Grass Wake Jam in Marathon, Florida, was definitely not what the locals are used to seeing. The Florida Keys are surrounded by flat, shallow water, so people riding in lakes doesn't happen much. Winching doesn't happen much either. And riders dropping 7 foot out of a 40-foot-long pool never happens.

But that's about to change. The first-ever Green Grass Wake Jam will definitely be repeated. The vibe of the two-day event was great, and everybody had a blast, especially those who went home with some cold, hard cash. (Photos by: Albert Izquierdo)

The Aqua Ranch in Grassy Key, Marathon, was kind enough to host the event, not having any idea what they were agreeing to at first. THANKS FOR THE FAITH! While busloads of people were swimming with 100-pound cobia on the opposite end of the lake, beginners and pros alike were giving it all they had, hitting the ledge, handrail, or just gapping out of the pool on their way across the lake to a choice of incline to flat bar or kicker.

The first event was a blast, and we've already started planning the next! The setup will be up for a little while if anyone wants to hit it. Call The Otherside at 305-853-9728 for times and details.

Sponsors included Slingshot Wakeboards, Devotid Wakeskates, Triton Kiteboarding, Unique Marine, Bern Helmets, Village Gourmet, and of course Sir William Inc. Couldn't have done it without them, or the other friends that laid out blood sweat and booze to make it happen!

The Grass is always Greener!