1080 Competition - Tige Pro-Am

Each of the pro mens finalists plus two wild card riders at the Tige Pro-Am in Portland got four chances to compete for $10,080 that would go to whoever landed the trick. It was the largest prize money ever offered in the King of Wake series for a single trick. Although no one landed the move, highlights included New Zealander Brad Smeele hitting so hard that he was ejected from his board while still wearing his boots (he ripped his inserts completely out of his board) and Andrew Adkison's huge nose grab back mobe that he did as a crowd-pleaser for his fourth attempt. Keep checking wakeboardingmag.com and mywake.tv for Adkison's back mobe, and more coverage from this unique event. Check out Rusty Malinoski's Winning Run for his 1080 attempts.