Soven Wins Wakestock

The Wakestock World Series of Wakeboarding wrapped up in spectacular fashion with one of the most amazing days of riding in wakeboarding history. “This was the highest level of riding I’ve ever witnessed at a WWA World Series.” said WWA Director and Judge Shannon Starling. “The Malibu Boats Expression Session Super Finals had the massive crowd on their feet, cheering every move – it was electrifying!” That was just one of four pro events that concluded on Wakestock’s action-packed final day. There was also the Billabong Pro Railslide, featuring the world’s largest competition rail course with eight different rails totaling over 300 feet of sliding surface; the Oakley Launch Pool Invitational, featuring the world’s biggest and most progressive jib pool; and the Billabong Pro Wakeskate, which featured customized, wakeskate-specific rails.

In the Malibu Boats Expression Session, the final four riders represented the strongest wakeboarding countries on the planet. Wakestock defending champ Rusty Malinoski represented Canada; emerging superstar Philip Soven represented the U.S.; defending WWA World Series overall champ Daniel Watkins represented Australia; and Jeff Weatherall represented New Zealand. Malinoski knocked out Watkins and Soven eliminated Weatherall to set up a head-to-head showdown. Soven went first and stomped a huge, clean run of some of most difficult wake tricks ever thrown, including a whirly 7, combined with smooth, tech rail slides. Malinoski knew he had to deliver his flawless best, but after two falls, he simply ran out of course to mount a serious challenge. Soven was crowned the new Wakestock Malibu Boats Expression Session champ, winning his first Wakestock WWA gold belt. Malinoski followed, with Weatherall claiming 3rd and Watkins 4th. Danny Harf, Brett Eisenhauer, Keith Lyman and Jack Blodget tied for 5th.

In the Billabong Pro Railslide, spectators were treated to an incredible tech display of sliding by finalists Keith Lidberg, Kevin Henshaw, Keith Lyman, Aaron Rathy, Jeff Weatherall, Erik Ruck, Shawn Watson, and Derek Grassman. Four head-to-head heats later, just four riders remained: Wakestock defending slider champ Lidberg, Lyman, Henshaw and Rathy. When the dust settled, it was Lidberg’s ultra-smooth style nosing out Henshaw, who delivered an inspiring challenge for rail supremacy, and in the process firmly established himself among the preeminent rail riders in the world.


The Oakley Launch Pool was the final event of the day drawing a big crowd to the triple tier of pools and big rails. Rathy had already taken the Oakley Pool Wakeskate Best trick the previous day, but was back challenging against Harf, JD Webb, and Rattray for Wakeboard Best Trick. In the finals, Harf and Rathy went toe to toe hitting the wall transfer to the down rail, and raising the bar with each pull. With dozens of photographers and filmers crowding the upper pool and rail zone, the pressure was on, and in the end, it was Harf who stomped the sickest trick with the smoothest style – a cab 270 continuous 180 to 90 out wall transfer to down rail. What an ending to an insane four days of boarding, bands and bikinis! Somehow Wakestock raised the bar yet again, and the world’s best wakeboarders responded. They rode hard, some partied harder, and everyone pushed the envelope – that’s what Wakestock all about! Having fun and going balls out.

More than 35,000 spectators attended over the four days. Between the TELUS main stage, the iCoke stage and the SBC Skateboard Park indy stage, more than 40 bands performed. The Bud Light beer gardens were standing room only. The Skatepark was jammed every day. The Right Guard Xtreme Freestyle Moto-x Air Assault blew minds and the Canadian Action Sports Expo & Marketplace was where thousands of attendees blew money – on surf, skate, and street apparel, eyewear, footwear, and gear.



1. Phillip Soven
2. Rusty Malinoski
3. Jeff Weatherall
4. Daniel Watkins
5. (tie) Danny Harf
5. (tie) Brett Eisenhauer
5. (tie) Keith Lyman
5. (tie) Jack Blodgett

1. Melissa Marquardt
2. Sunni-Ann Ball
3. Andrea Fountain
4. Barrett Pearlman

1. Keith Lidberg
2. Kevin Henshaw
3. Keith Lyman
4. Aaron Rathy
5. (tie) Shawn Watson
5. (tie) Eric Ruck
5. (tie) Jeff Weatherall
5. (tie) Derek Grassman


Wakeskate Best Trick: Aaron Rathy, Pop shuv-it to frontside lipslide on the hubba ledge

Wakeboard Best Trick: Danny Harf, Cab 270, continuous 180, 90 out on the wall transfer down rail.

**1. Reed Hansen
2. Aaron Rathy
3. Kyle Walton
4. James Balzer
5. (tie) George Daniels
5. (tie) Nick Harlos
5. (tie) Clint Tomkins
5. (tie) Jeff Engen


1. Brett Eisenhauer
2. Rusty Malinoski


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