Attention All WAKESURFERS!

Attention All WAKESURFERS! That’s right, wakesurfers – not wakeskaters – not wakeboarders – there is a special event just for you on April 29th at Two Cow Cove, Lake Pleasant! Desert Surf Company, Century Marine, Reef, and Liquid Force are getting together to sponsor the second annual AWA Wakesurf Contest. Registration begins at 9:00 AM, and competition will begin promptly at 10:00 AM.

This event will be pulled by Century Marine (Centurion Boats) with two identically weighted boats on opposite sides. Each wakesurfer will be able to choose a boat weighted on the left or right side depending which direction they want to ride. And for those don’t own a wakesurf board; the event sponsors will have extras on hand. Judging will be based on the ASP standards and is explained at the bottom of the page.

Three divisions have been created for this event:


Men’s Advanced – 1st Prize is paid entrance fee to Player Wakesurf Contest at Boardstock and a surfboard (not a wakesurf board).

Men’s Beginners – 1st Prize is Liquid Tunes by Liquid Force

Women’s – 1st Prize is Roxy luggage


Entry fees are $15 for WWA members and $25 for Non-WWA members. Although the AWA is hosting this event, the wakesurf contest will not be included in AWA standings and there are no additional discounts for AWA members.

We are all looking forward to seeing everyone out on Saturday, April 29th! And…don’t forget to bring money for the raffle! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Arch Angel Foundation, helping victims of violent crimes, in the name of Powell Williams

Rules for Judging Competitive Wakesurfing


Wakesurfing is judged based on many of the same criterion used in judging competitive surfing. Wakesurfers are evaluated using a system similar to the ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) standards of “the surfer who executes the most radical, controlled maneuvers in the most critical section of the waves, for the longest functional distance, shall be deemed the winner”.

The judging panel consists of five qualified judges using a scale of 0 (poor) to 10 (excellent). Competitors are evaluated on eight different wakesurfing components. The scores given by each judge for each component are then averaged. The average scores for the eight components are added together, providing a total score for each competitor.

The Nine-wakesurfing components for judging are:
1. Surf Style: Riders that use a more traditional style surfboard with one or more fins over 3″ deep performing fluid carving power turns, snappy cut backs and smooth more precise tricks and maneuvers.
2. Skim-Skate Style: Riders that use skim style boards with shallow or no fins. Performing skateboard maneuvers such as ollies, pop-shove-its and spins.
3. Versatility (surf style and surf-skate): showing the ability to ride both styles.
4. Technical/Control: Showing the ability to stay in the power zone and recover from difficult areas on the wake.
5. Difficulty of Maneuvers: The emphasis is on big, explosive moves witch brings out the fullest potential of both the surfer, type of board and area on the wake. Note, some tricks and or maneuvers can score differently depending on the style of board being use.
6. Combination of Maneuvers: the rider who linking and performs the most dynamic maneuvers and tricks in a smooth, fluid manner while maintaining continuity with the wake will score the highest.
7. Activity: Constantly and quickly moving from one trick or maneuver to another.
8. Air: any time the boards completely leave the water.
9. Falls: Number of falls and reasons for falls.


Wakesurf ride is to be the length of a pre-determined course for all competitors with starting gates and ending gates. Each competitor takes one ride in each direction of the course. In the case of falls the rider can continue in the same direction until there is no room left for the boat to get to speed.

Upcoming Events

Malibu Mayhem is back!
On May 6, 2006 Paradise Watersports and Ski Pro bring the sixth Malibu Mayhem to Two Cow Cove along with the much anticipated double up contest. Not into hitting the double up? That’s okay too; all the normal AWA divisions will also be pulled behind two incredible Malibu boats. Any rider that has participated in Malibu Mayhem in the past knows that this competitive event is not to be missed! No Malibu Mayhem is complete without a t-shirt. Once again, Paradise Watersports will be giving every competitor their own Malibu Mayhem t-shirt.

Brostock @ Lake Powell:
Liquid Force is putting on a Houseboat Festival/Party with the folks at Lake Powell this summer. They will be having their 2007 product line catalog shoot from June 3rd until the 9th, and then will be sticking around for the weekend of the 10th and 11th. This is when the real fun will happen! They are going to try and re-create a “Boardstock-like” event in the middle of Lake Powell. What better place to have a LF event? The crew from Alliance will be there for the weekend to film an episode of PULL. The idea is fairly simple…Get as many houseboats on the water as possible and have a couple of fun days of riding and partying! They plan on taking over an entire cove at Powell. They will have the entire LF team with them and will be hanging out with anyone that shows up. There will be once a day demos by the LF team in the middle of all of the houseboats, but for the most part it will be just a free-for-all, weekend of fun. Go to and mention the Liquid Force Brostock to reserve your houseboat and you’ll get a 54′ houseboat (sleeps 12) and a PWC for $3800! This is approximately $1000 less than the normal price.