Mid-Cal Mud Slide ’06

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The footprint of The Mid-Cal Mud Slide is more than 300 feet long, with three connecting pools of water. The start pool will be staged atop a 48-foot flatbed trailer. Two downrails bring the slider to a second pool that is 150 feet long, 25 feet wide and 3 feet deep-and includes two obstacles. The rider launches over 20 feet of mud before landing in third and final pool (50 feet long). A power winch will pull the riders at approximately 18 mph.

Built on the property at Etco Marine’s five-acre dealership, the Mid-Cal Mud Slide welcomes top world and national wakeboard/wakeskate riders, including:

Danny Harf Chad Sharpe Ricky Gonzales
Trevor Hansen Jimmy Wolf Jeff House
Mike Schwenne Derek Cook Mike Ennen
Collin Wright Shane Bonifay Shawn Watson
Brian Francis Silas Thurman Pat Panakos
Erik Ruck Aaron Rathy Melissa Marquardt
Keith Lidberg

plus four more regional qualifiers

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Title sponsors: Etco Marine, Hyperlite, and Budweiser.


Event Sponsors: CWB, Jet Pilot, Liquid Force, O’Neill, Red Bull, Tidal Audio, Switch Authority, Helium and Wake Boarding.

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