the first rounds

heat 1
Billy went first and didn't ride too well. He did a few Raleys but fell on a lot of stuff - probably due to the four months of down time he had out in Colorado this winter. Anyhow, Brian Arthur rode extremely strong and solid with a bunch of inverts and some big Raleys. I think he won simply because he did so many tricks. Steve was probably the smoothest rider, with lots of spins and late 360s. He did manage several inverts but didn't go that huge, which hurt him the most.

heat 2
These two seemed to be very relaxed and joking around, which is what we liked to see. Josh went first and he rode pretty well with some big front flips and rolls, but fell a lot as well. He seemed kind of rusty, but after almost a year off due to a knee injury that's probably OK. Of course, Dean came out strong, performing all his tricks. He didn't really hit the double-ups that well but went super-huge. It was pretty clear that he won.

heat 3
Randy went first but he didn't seem all that comfortable. He missed the double-up twice and wasn't riding very solid on any of his tricks. He went too far into the choppy water area, which really hurt him a lot. Gregg was next. He rode fairly well, not up to his potential but did a variety of moves which was good to see. He did a super-big front to fakie, which was cool and easily put him in the lead. Andrew rode last and didn't seem too into it.

heat 4
Scott went first and Briscoe drove him behind the Xstar. It was kinda funny because Briscoe was pounding his chest and barking these directions to do certain tricks, but I don't know if Hussey knew what he was saying. He fell on several double-ups and didn't do any of his difficult tricks. Doug was next, and you could tell his leg was still bothering him. He did some big Orientals and Raleys but fell on some tantrums and other tricks. Cobe rode last behind his Tigi, and he went off. He did a bunch of big airs, hit the slider and stuck a lot of tricks.