Three Reasons To Try Sesitec System 2.0

| |### Quick Progression| |Sesitec System 2.0's forgiving upward pull and lightning-quick pick-ups make it the ultimate tool for quick progression. Just ask pros like Dallas Friday (S-bend to blind) and Bob Soven (triple S-bend) who have used System 2.0 to unlock previously out-of-reach tricks. Watch Dallas Friday riding Sesitec System 2.0.| || |

| |### Rail Repetition| |The quick down-and-back nature of the two-tower System 2.0 allows you to hit rails with a frequency that's unmatched by even PWCs. That steady repetition has helped raise the rail profile of riders like Oliver Derome, Clay Fletcher and Kevin Henshaw. Check out all the photos from Kevin Henshaw's C-rail project.| || |

| |### Get Cutting Edge| |The introduction of System 2.0 has yielded some of the most innovative riding that wakeboarding has even seen. From the Red Bull Wake Lab and Wake The Line events to Kevin Henshaw's C-rail stunt, System 2.0 is pushing the riding of the world's best wakeboarders. Imagine what it can do for your riding. Watch all the action from the 2010 Wake The Line event.| ||