Cable Parks 2010: Revolution

North Fort Myers, Florida



Highly praised for its soaring towers, tight pull and unique near-circular shape, Revolution cable park is quite a magical place. With Revolution cable park’s five towers so spaced out, you have plenty of time to boost big, floaty air tricks between any two corners, which is unusual for most five-tower cableways. If you’d rather focus on riding obstacles or developing your riding skills, though, Revolution cable park has plenty of kickers, rails and easy-to-round corners to keep you progressing. Given Revolution cable park’s friendly and knowledgeable staff, you can expect everything from insightful tips to words of encouragement as you enjoy your time on the water — whether you’re a beginner or a pro. If inspiration is what you’re after, be sure to watch park manager Josh Wright ride. He can seriously throw down! And so can the legendary Gator (Erik Lutgert), who rides at Revolution cable park frequently. Just 15 minutes from downtown Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Revolution will celebrate its second birthday this summer. With plans for new obstacles, you can expect to see one or two added before the year’s end.

Park Stats

Towers: 5

Shape: Pentagon


Direction: Counterclockwise Ability Level: Beginner to adv.

Carriers: 7

Speed: 18.5 mph


Island: No

Obstacles: 5 (2 ramps, 1 A-frame rail, 1 A-frame box, 1 floating plastic rock)

Facts and Rates

Season: Year-round


Rates: $17 for one hour, $22 for two hours, $28 for four hours, $38 all-day, $600 for six months, $1,000 for annual pass; private rental of the cable is two hours minimum, $200 for up to 10 riders, additional riders are $20 each (all gear is included); private lessons are $40 per hour in addition to cable fees; camps are run throughout the spring, summer and fall, costs vary based on amount of time on the cable

Local Pros: Erik “Gator” Lutgert, Josh Wright, Chad Forrest

Water Temperature: Board shorts in the summer, fullsuit in the winter

Pro Shop: Yes

Food: Snacks and drinks

Closest Airport: Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers

Local Knowledge: Check out Horsin’ Around Deli for great subs; for amazing barbecue, don’t miss the Smoke’n Pit

Other On-Site Activities: Mountain bike trail

Accommodations: None on-site, but there are several clean and inexpensive hotels within minutes

Events: Brown Out, Summer Sessions (Nationals qualifier)