Cable Parks 2010: Orlando Watersports Complex

Orlando, Florida



Orlando is the wakeboarding capital of the world, and the Orlando Watersports Complex is a major landmark on the wakeboarding map. Orlando Watersports Complex celebrates its 11th anniversary this year, where many of the world’s best boat and cable riders have spent countless hours. Many international shredders — including big-name pros like Nick Davies and Dean Smith — flock to Orlando Watersports Complex throughout the year to take advantage of its year-round riding, stellar facilities and bomber obstacles. While it’s not unusual to see pros blowing minds at this park, OWC has a tremendous local crew of up-and-coming talent as well, who often ride well into the night under the high-power lights.

Orlando Watersports Complex has two full-size cableways. The larger one runs slower and is ideal for beginner to intermediate riders. The other is perfect for throwing massive air tricks, and the plentiful obstacles will keep the most hard-core of riders stoked. Plus, the cable park will have a Sesitec System 2.0 cable system running this summer. On the advanced cable, Orlando Watersports Complex recently added a massive transfer rooftop with a Super Air Nautique wakeboard boat inside. Also new is the floating dock in the center of the cable, which helps minimize chop.

If a traditional pull is what you’re after, the fleet of Nautique boats and instruction from Cobe and Tarah Mikacich won’t disappoint. You can demo all the latest Hyperlite and Byerly gear at OWC, which was recently branded exclusively as “The Hyperlite Experience.” When you’re ready for a break, head over to the concession stand and relax under the big covered patio’s high-speed fans.


The Wake Park

Ability Level: Advanced only

Carriers: 6

Towers: 5


Speed: 20 mph

Direction: Counterclockwise

Obstacles: 8 (2 kickers, 1 ramp, 1 rail, 1 A-frame rail, 1 box, 1 transfer box, 1 transfer rooftop)


The Beginner Cable

Ability Level: Beginner to intermediate

Carriers: 9

Towers: 5

Speed: 17.2 mph

Direction: Counterclockwise

Obstacles: 2 (2 ramps)


Season: Year-round

Water Temperature: Board shorts in the summer, fullsuit in the winter

Pro Shop: Performance Ski & Surf

Food: Concession stand

Closest Airport: Orlando International Airport

Alternative Activities On-site: Boat riding, volleyball, airsoft range (coming soon), beach area

Don’t Miss: Ryan Jones’ The Trampoline Place, Central Florida Racing Complex (high-speed go-karts), Sky Venture (indoor sky diving/wind tunnel), Cocoa Beach, the Space Coast

Events: Wake Games, WWA Wakeboard World Championships, Byerly Toe Jam, Gravel Tour, National Points Chase (cable national qualifiers)

Pros: Shaun Murray, Nick Davies, Keith Lidberg, Andrew Adkison, Bob and Phil Soven, Dean Smith, Clay Fletcher, Dallas Friday, Adam Errington, Nicola Butler, Nick Whitt, Aaron Perkins, Kyle Hyams, Raimi Merritt, Ryan Jones, Daniel Watkins, Keith Lyman, Adam Fields and many more

On-site Accommodations: None, but there are accommodations (housing on Lake Holden) with some camps. If you’re coming to town just to ride, OWC can give you a list of great places to stay.


Basic Rates: $22 for one hour, $28 for two hours, $34 for four hours, $40 for all-day, 16 and under have a special rate, $185 for one week, $350 for one month, $650 for six months, $999 for one year

Special Rates: Kids Day, Ladies Day, Happy Hour, College Day, Saturday Night Summer Jams, Summer Camp, Kids Club, Bambini Club with pro coaching (free) and discounted rates for schools, churches, youth organizations and birthday parties

Lessons: $65 per 45-minute lesson

Private Cable Rents: $250 for one hour, $400 for two hours

Boat: $55 per 30-minute set, $100 per one-hour set, $185 for all-you-can-ride (boat and cable), $450 for a 10-pack of sets

Camps: $500 for three-day camp ($975 all-inclusive with accommodations), $800 for five-day camp ($1,600 all-inclusive with accommodations)

“OWC is one of the sickest cable parks I’ve been to. Everyone from Europe comes over here for winter training. We pretty much come out here and ride in the off-season for the rails and air tricks — it’s sick. You get good weather all year round — that’s why we all come to Florida for wakeboarding as well — and OWC is just in a perfect place. I’ve been coming here for six years now, and still to this day, I’m loving it.” — Nick Davies