2015 Supreme S21 Review


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Wakeboard Boat Review

The Supreme S21 is the best selling boat in the line because it's a convenient size with a solid surf wave and it has a ton of budget friendly features. The S21's simplicity is probably its biggest asset. Everything is analog including the paddle wheel speed control, switches and gauges. The whole boat has a really simple user interface that means anyone can hop in and drive, and it also keeps the cost down. With the S21, however, simplicity and low cost don't mean stripped down; there are new brand new features and solid mainstays that feel high end. The tower is an all-new design that makes for a solid tow point with an easy collapse function. Just unscrew a bolt on either side and it folds down with a cable assist that's simple and effective. The S21's bow is a standout feature. Throw in the filler cushion and you've got a big comfortable space with deep gunnels and ergonomic lines. Sleek vinyl accents, cup holders and speakers complete the package.