2015 Tigé RZ2 REVIEW

The Tigé Z2, Tigé Media Capture, Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas.

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Wakeboard Boat Review

Tige‘s RZ2 fills out the middle of Tige’s line with some of the best styling in the business, a massive bow and big wake and surf performance. We can’t mention the RZ2 without talking about its styling. Flowing lines with textured vinyl and accent colors everywhere make the RZ2’s lounge and bow one of the most stylish on the market. A gunmetal matte finish on grab handles, vents, the windshield and the throttle looks amazing and really helps to compliment the interior lines. We love billet aluminum, but it’s nice to see something different. TigeTouch is the boat’s on board command center that controls primary functions in a brand new interface that includes customizable buttons and multiple home screens. Tigetouch looks great and was specifically deigned to have shallow menus that make it easy for even beginners to control the boat. And finally, if you’re planning on surfing behind the RZ2, don’t even think about ordering it without the new AVX Surf System. The package gives you surf-specific ballast and lets you adjust the wave while you’re surfing with the Surf Link remote. The remote controls the AdaptiVX hull extension and can take your wave from steep and tall to long and mellow in 1-10 increments. The changes are dramatic and Tige is the only company doing it.


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