2015 Tigé Z1 REVIEW


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Wakeboard Boat Review

Tige's Z1 is a deep, comfortable boat that builds on the success of the popular Z3. Style, comfort and performance are all at a premium in this 21.5-foot traditional bow. First off, we have to mention how deep the Z1 is. For a shorter boat, you sit really far down in the lounge and bow, which makes the interior feel bigger, safer and more comfortable. Spray doesn't get inside as much, it's harder to take on water and the boat will roll over for surfing. There are plenty of benefits to a deep-seated boat, and the Z1 is very deep. New for 2015, the AVX surf system allows you to adjust the wave while you're surfing, which completely eliminates the need for back and forth shouting with the driver and puts you in control of the curl. Take it from a steep and powerful wave to a longer and mellower wave with the Surf Link remote you have strapped on your wrist while you're on the water. It's a massive innovation in surfing that has to be experienced to be believed.  Not just about function, the Z1 is also plush and stylish. Inside and out, the Z1 has classic Tige styling that makes for one of the best looking boats on the market. The interior has been redesigned with new vinyl textures and rounded lines that make the seating even more ergonomic. At the helm, TigeTouch was redesigned to make it even easier and more customizable.