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Wakeboard Boat Review

MasterCraft‘s flagship wakeboard boat, the XStar is a legend in the sport. There’s no mistaking the XStar. The boat has a really unique shape that kinks through the middle, and along with one-of-a-kind branding reserved specifically for the XStar, you’ve got a killer graphics package that sets you apart on the water. Another notable feature of this massive wake boat is the seating. The XStar has all kinds of innovative seating, starting with the convertible bench seat in back. It has three different positions and is really easy to transition from one to the next. The observer seat is also convertible and was specifically designed to create extra rear-facing seating to watch riders.


The XStar’s dash is like nothing else out there, including MasterCraft’s other boats. It’s got a pop-up center display that you can hide away while you’re running down the lake. If that wasn’t enough, it also has two more screens, one on either side of the steering wheel. Tweeters are mounted on the dash eyebrow so you get a really crisp sound through the whole boat.


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