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Wakeboard Boat Review

Malibu‘s Wakesetter 24 MXZ is the biggest wide-bow boat in the line and it’s full of luxury features as well as tech-forward wake functionality. First off is the dash. You won’t miss it with the 12-inch center touch screen. It’s the same screen Mercedes uses, and it’s a new Windows operating system that’s really easy to use. It also looks amazing. Everything is touch sensitive on both the main and auxiliary screens and it’s set up with more presets and custom functionality than anything Malibu has ever offered. There’s also an ancillary joystick for easy speed, volume, wedge and surf gate controls too. The boat’s interior layout is top notch. Flip-up seats let you watch the action without straining your neck, arm rests fold down in the bow, and the entire interior has deep, finished storage underneath. Above, the new G4 tower is out of the way and has an easy new collapse function that can be done with one person. And finally, Surf Gate. The system works well with this massive boat and for 2015 it’s easier to control than ever before with the analog buttons on the joystick. This is a big boat that can handle quite a bit of weight and you don’t want to waste time switching it from side to side, so Surf Gate is a must on the 24 MXZ.


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