2014 Super Air Nautique G21 Review

Wakeboard Boat Review

The Super Air Nautique G21 delivers all the big-wake performance, luxury amenities and sharp styling we’ve come to expect from a G Series boat but offers it all in a size class that’s more versatile and easier to handle. In fact, one of the G21’s strongest features is its compact size. Despite spanning just 21½ feet, the G21 has the same 2,850 pounds of internal ballast as the G23 and G25, and its responsiveness makes it easier to drive and trailer. The G21 is also extremely versatile. Because the boat is shorter than its bigger brothers, the wakes respond even more to the Nautique Configurable Running Surface and Nautique Surf System. For instance, if you want a steeper or mellower wake for wakeboarding or surfing, you’ll notice a huge response when you’re dialing in your settings. As a result, this is one of the most tunable boats on the water. The G21 has one of the most spacious interiors in its size class. Even though it’s a smaller boat, you feel like you’re sitting in a 23-footer because of its deep seating. The G21 has all the rear-facing seating options of the other G Series boats, so it doesn’t feel like you are sacrificing much in terms of space.

The Super Air Nautique G21 is the best wakeboard boat for you if: You want a wakeboard and surf monster that is Nautique Surf System-capable in a compact size, making easier to trailer, drive and store.

Super Air Nautique G21 2014 Specs

Length: 21′ 6″


Beam: 102″

People: 14

Load capacity: 2,200 lb.


Fuel: 46.5 gal.

Dry weight: 5,200 lb.

Max. ballast: 2,850 lb.


Max. horsepower: 550


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