2014 Moomba Outback V Review

Wakeboard Boat Review

Moomba Boats‘ Outback V is a proven, 20-foot, multisport workhorse. It has everything you need for a day on the water with 11 friends — all for an incredible value. The Outback V features analog gauges, so you always know your speed, fuel and wake plate position at a glance. It also has traditional, light-up rocker switches that make it easy to tell if something is on or off. The Outback V is a nimble, fun-to-drive boat. It’s great for wakeskating because it can turn on a dime to pick up riders, but it also throws a pretty solid wakeboarding wake for its size. While the standard features get the job done, we recommend upgrading to swivel board racks, the sun pad walkover, GPS speed control and the multisport wake plate to get the most out of the this versatile 20-footer. The Moomba Outback V is the best wakeboard boat for you if: You want a proven multisport boat that performs for the whole family on a shoestring budget. From the sturdy OZ tower to the simple and effective helm to the agile performance, the Outback V is still one of the best values in its size class.

Moomba Outback V 2014 Specs

Length: 20′

Beam: 96″


People: 12

Load capacity: 1,600 lb.

Fuel: 39 gal.


Dry weight: 3,300 lb.

Standard ballast: N/A

Max ballast: 1,200 lb.


Standard engine: Electronic fuel injection 330 hp V-8

Max. horsepower: 345