2014 Moomba Mondo Review

Wakeboard Boat Review

Brand new for 2014, the Moomba Mondo takes some of its cues from the Mojo, but at just over 20 feet, it's in a completely different size class that's more suitable for size-restricted waterways, smaller tow vehicles and garage storage. Like the Mojo, the Mondo has stellar wake potential, and the surf wake is especially good. The boat's deep-V hull is just like the Mojo in that it's made to roll over on its side and produce a giant surf wave. Throw in the 1,300 pounds of factory ballast, and you've got a much better surf wave than a typical sub 21-footer. Because of the high freeboard, the Mondo feels at least a size class bigger than it is. The open bow feels wide and safe, and the lounge seems absolutely massive for such a short boat — just note the 13-passenger capacity. With the Mondo's deep V and high sides, you'll feel a lot better about taking on bigger water on windy days. The Mondo also has a no-nonsense, user-friendly helm. With analog gauges and rocker switches that you can monitor at a glance, the Mondo is extremely easy to drive. Not only is the dash functional, it also looks great, with a minimalist, clutter-free look that will be classic for years to come.

The Moomba Mondo is the best wakeboard boat for you if: You want a deep, comfortable yet compact boat with a great surf wake and plenty of standard features at a value price.

Moomba Mondo 2014 Specs

Length: 20' 6"

Beam: 99"

People: 13

Load capacity: 2,000 lbs.

Fuel: 39 gal.

Dry weight: 3,800 lbs.

Standard ballast: 1,300 lbs.

Max ballast: 1,300 lbs.

Standard engine: Electronic fuel injection 330 hp V-8

Max. horsepower: 450