2014 Axis A24 Review

Wakeboard Boat Review

All new for 2014, the Axis A24 is a 24-foot version of the same tried-and-true, hardcore wakeboard template on which Axis Boats built its brand. And true to the brand's form, the A24 has amazing wake performance. Huge, meaty ramps and long, smooth wakesurf waves prove Axis is a rider-driven brand. At the helm, the A24 has a simple, effective dash. With analog switches and gauges, everything is in plain sight and easy to monitor. Stereo controls are conveniently located on the dash with a simple head unit, and available heaters for cold days fill out the dash's two remaining spots. For 2014, Surf Gate is available on all Axis models, and it increases the versatility of the line enormously. With an analog switch at the dash, you can swap sides of your surf wave almost instantly while you're riding. Another huge plus is you don't have to list the boat to one side — you can keep it evenly weighted after wakeboarding and take a surf set.

The Axis A24 is the best wakeboard boat for you if: You want a utilitarian, value-class monster that fits plenty of people and has wake performance on par with the best boats on the market.

Axis A24 2014 Specs

Length: 24'

Beam: 102"

People: 17

Load capacity: 2,400 lb.

Fuel: 78 gal.

Dry weight: 4,500 lb.

Standard ballast: 1,000 lb.

Max ballast: 2,250 lb.

Standard engine: Monsoon 330 hp 5.7L CAT

Max. horsepower: 450