Axis A22 2013

Wakeboard Boat Review

At 22 feet, the Axis A22 is the perfect size for creating a massive wake and comfortably fitting your whole crew while still maintaining maneuverability and ease of trailering. Wakes are clean and reliable with just the right pop at every level from factory ballast all the way up to pro levels with added weight. Wakesurfing is just as easy on the A22 with a giant swell that has a long pocket and plenty of power. Inside this wake-centric 22-footer, Axis made a clean, sharp interior with an emphasis on function displayed in the twin-tip bow and the wraparound lounge seating. The FatAX tower perfectly coincides with the A22’s industrial look, and the easy-to-use speed control makes for perfect pulls every time.

The Axis A22 is the best boat for you if: You want a midsize, stylish wake boat that’s all about the rider. The A22’s wake performance is good enough for riders like Randall Harris and Dean Smith, so it ought to be more than sufficient for you and 14 friends.

Axis A22 2013 Specs

Length: 22’


Beam: 100”

People: 15

Load capacity: 1,900 lb.


Fuel: 48 gal.

Dry weight: 3,600 lb.

Standard ballast: 900 lb.


Max ballast: 2,200 lb.

Standard engine: Monsoon 330 HP 5.7L CAT

Max horsepower: 450

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