Axis A20 2013

Wakeboard Boat Review

The Axis A20 is the smallest boat in the Axis Boats family, but that doesn’t mean it sacrifices on wake performance. Despite the fact that a recreational slalom skier could take a set behind the Axis A20, it also ramps up with available Plug N Play ballast for fun, poppy and clean wakes that built the company’s reputation. The industrial look of the Axis A20 both inside and out is all about rider-centric, low-maintenance function, including the perfectly integrated FatAX Tower, the Skybox rear-facing seating, LED lighting, ChillAX walk-through seat and much more. The boat was designed with an emphasis on riding time and cost-effectiveness, so you spend as little time maintaining and making boat payments as possible.

The Axis A20 is the best wakeboard boat for you if: You want a truly functional multisport wake boat that puts a premium on low-maintenance usability at a low price and in a size class that fits size-restricted waterways and most garages.

Axis A20 2013 Specs

Length: 20’


Beam: 98”

People: 11

Load capacity: 1,600 lb.


Fuel: 48 gal.

Dry weight: 3,200 lb.

Standard ballast: 800 lb.


Max ballast: 2,100 lb.

Standard engine: Monsoon 330 HP 5.7L CAT

Max horsepower: 450

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