MasterCraft X-35 2011

Wakeboard Boat Review

With the deepest deadrise in the MasterCraft Boats line and a massive, well-appointed interior, the MasterCraft X-35 is designed for big water and all-day comfort. The MasterCraft X-35's super-deep-V hull delivers a smooth ride in even the roughest water, which makes it a good fit for water-sports families who live on large bodies of water. Inside, MasterCraft stretched this 23-foot 5-inch boat's 102-inch beam to the limit, and the massive pickle-fork bow and wraparound lounge combine to create seating for 16. No matter where you are in the MasterCraft X-35, you'll find deep, functional storage and polished amenities. Two great examples: flip-down armrests in the bow and a spring-assisted flip-up seat in the lounge that reveals a massive under-seat cooler. Opt for the built-in refrigerator and sink and crank up all the all-day comfort quotient of the X-35 to luxury-liner levels.

The MasterCraft X-35 is the best wakeboard boat for you if: You want a large boat that handles big water as easily as it delivers all-day comfort and water-sports action.

How to max it out: The BIG system's billet-encrusted, brilliant LCD display is right at home in the X-35's lavish interior. Next, crank up the convenience and attractiveness of the X-35 even further with the all-new Power Tower, which is automatically controlled with a switch at the dash, allowing you to lower it to cruise under a bridge or for storage. Finally, push the X-35's bulk with the brawn of Ilmor's 6.2-liter MV8 engine.

MasterCraft X-35 2011 Specs

Length: 23 ft. 5 in.

Width: 102 in.

People: 16 people

Load capacity: 2,400 lbs.

Fuel capacity: 60 gals.

Dry weight: 4,900 lbs.

Standard ballast: 810 lbs.

Max ballast: 810 lbs. plus Plug and Play

Standard engine: Ilmor MV8 5.7L

Maximum horsepower: Ilmor MV8 6.2