Sneak Peek: 2011 Tige Boats

Get a first look at Tige Boats’ lineup of 2011 wakeboard boats, including the Tige 24Ve, Tige RZ4, Tige RZ2, Tige Z1, Tige R20 and Tige RZR. Tige's 2011 wakeboard boat lineup features two all-new 20-foot wakeboard boats — the Tige R20 and Tige RZR — as well as Platinum Editions of the Tige RZ2, Tige RZ4 and Tige RZR to celebrate Tige Boats' 20-year anniversary.

2011 Tige 24 Ve
2011 Tige RZ4
2011 Tige RZ2
2011 Tige RZ2 Platinum Edition
2011 Tige RZR
2011 Tige RZR
2011 Tige RZ1
2011 Tige R20