Tigé RZ2 2010

Wakeboard Boat Review

The Tigé RZ2 offers total comfort from bow to stern in a clean, stylish package with precise handling and a versatile wake. Look for Tigé Boats craftsmanship in every detail, as well as spray-free comfort in any seat the RZ2 has to offer. The Tigé RZ2 pulls double duty as both a wakeboarding boat and a comfortable, family-friendly ride with plenty of style. For the captain, the standard TigéTouch provides the ultimate in wake boat control at your fingertips with 20 detailed rider profiles, ballast, speed and much more, including your favorite music easily managed in an effortless interface.

The Wakes

We’ll start by recommending an upgrade to the Pro Set ballast option, which gives you 2,000 pounds of platform-sinking ballast that jacks up the Tigé RZ2’s wakes to a size that will allow for intermediate to advanced tricks. 2010’s RZ2 has well-shaped, symmetrical peaks that are as easily surfed as wakeboarded, and the TAPS2 system allows you to dial them in to your preference.

Don’t Miss

Look-good lounge The flowing lines of the Tigé RZ2’s redesigned interior not only look great, they’re also ergonomically shaped for maximum comfort. Cutaways on the gunwale also prove versatile with cup holders and 12-volt receptacles, and the hand-upholstered dash provides maximum visability. Accented with LED lighting and billet handles, the RZ2 will turn heads this summer.



People: 15

Dry weight: 4,150 lb.

Fuel capacity: 48 gal.


Tower: Tigé Alpha Z collapsible*

Racks: Swivel rack*

Wake shaper: TAPS2



Standard: PCM EX343 5.7L MPI 343 hp

Test: PCM ZR6 6.0L MPI 409 hp

Test prop: Acme 13.5 x 16


Cruise: Tigé


* = Optional


2,000 lb. total (two 400-lb. bow tanks, two 600-lb. rear tanks)

Test Measurements

Length: 22 ft.

Width: 8 ft. 6 in.

Bow length: 60 in.

Bow width: 72 in.

Floor to tower: 73 in.

Gunwale: 33 in.

Main lounge: 64 sq. ft.

Sun pad: 24 sq. ft.

Platform: 12 sq. ft.