Super Air Nautique 210 Byerly Icon Edition 2010

Super Air Nautiqe 2010 Byerly Edition

Wakeboard Boat Review

The Scott Byerly-inspired Super Air Nautique 210 Byerly Icon Edition takes one of the most effective wakeboard boats in the industry and gives it a hard-coded Byerly identity. With Byerly being a member of Nautique Boats since 1994, it only made sense to celebrate his Legend status with a wakeboarding boat that is nothing short of iconic. Owners now have the opportunity to experience the Byerly lifestyle firsthand on a daily basis. And that's a lifestyle that has been highly admired and documented for almost two decades.

The Wakes

The Super Air Nautique 210 Byerly Icon Edition's wakes have been good enough for the Legend himself for years, so that's a pretty strong testament. We love the Super Air Nautique 210 Byerly Icon Edition's consistent lip and just-right span with long landing zones and large size. They are suitable for wakeboarders, wakeskaters or surfers and adjustable to any ability level.

Don't Miss

Byerly bling It’s everywhere in this wakeboard boat. Anywhere you glance there are symbols of wakeboarding’s original style icon embedded in the boat’s design. A skull here, an embossed “Byerly” name there — you can’t look anywhere on this wakeboarding boat without finding Byerly’s DNA, and we love it.


People: 12

Dry weight: 3,800 lb.

Fuel capacity: 40 gal.

Tower: FCT1

Racks: Flight Clips (spinning)

Wake shaper: Hydro-Gate with SportShift


Standard: PCM ZR-409 6L 409 hp Test: PCM ZR-409 6L 409 hp Test prop: 13.5 x 14.25 four-blade Cruise: Zero Off

* = Optional


906 lb. total (349-lb. center tank, two 278.5-lb. rear tanks)

Test Measurements

Length: 21 ft.

Width: 8 ft. 2 in.

Bow length: 58 in.

Bow width: 68 in.

Floor to tower: 82 in.

Gunwale: 27 in.

Main lounge: 56 sq. ft.

Sun pad: 16 sq. ft.

Platform: 14 sq. ft.