MB Sports F21 Tomcat 2010

Wakeboard Boat Review

A virtual copy of its big brother, the MB Sports F23 Tomcat, the MB Sports F21 Tomcat will produce a wake similar to MB Sports’ flagship 23-footer, but on a smaller scale. The convenient layout in the main lounge offers plenty of wake viewing for up to 14 people along with plenty of storage space for all their gear. There are a lot of reasons for wanting a 21-foot wake boat, and the MB Sports F21 Tomcat makes it easy by not sacrificing where it really matters — like the wake. With 1,800 pounds of quick-filling, gate-controlled ballast, this wakeboarding boat will probably be ready before you get your gear on.

The Wakes

Predictable, girthy, smooth and versatile, the MB Sports F21 Tomcat’s wakes are sure to satisfy even the most fickle riders at a wide variety of speeds. From surfing at low speeds to wakeboarding at higher speeds, the MB Sports F21 Tomcat continually delivers wakes bigger than expected for its size. We liked about 24 mph with a 75-foot line.

Don’t Miss

How low can it go? MB Sports’ collapsible tower not only looks good and quietly pulls riders to new heights, it also folds down low enough to fit in a standard 7-foot garage. It’s form and function at its finest.


Ballast on the double MB Sports’ 60-second gate valve system allows for some of the quickest filling and emptying ballast on the market, making switches from surfing to wakeboarding to wakeskating a snap.


People: 14

Dry weight: 3,900 lb.


Fuel capacity: 64 gal.

Tower: Skylon Pro Series II

Racks: Skylon (swivel), swivel and telescoping*


Wake shaper: Electric trim plate


Standard: PCM Excalibur 343 hp 5.7L V8

Test: PCM Excalibur 343 hp 5.7L V8


Test prop: 13.5 x 17 four-blade Cruise: Zero Off

* = Optional


1,800 lb. total (two 900-lb. center tanks)

Test Measurements

Length: 21 ft.

Width: 8 ft. 4 in.

Bow length: 56 in.

Bow width: 74 in.

Floor to tower: 77 in.

Gunwale: 26 in.

Main lounge: 54 sq. ft.

Sun pad: 15 sq. ft.

Platform: 12 sq. ft.