MasterCraft X-55 2010

MasterCraft X-55

Wakeboard Boat Review

MasterCraft Boats' luxury wakeboard boat, the MasterCraft X-55, is as good at seating a small crowd as it is roaring on plane and hucking riders to new heights. This is one of the most comfortable wakeboard boats we've tested, and it kicks up one of the biggest wakes we've hit at factory ballast settings. Complete with a wet bar and macking sound system, the MasterCraft X-55 is a 25-foot party on the water that's waiting for you to customize it with your own personal flare. It's an instant status symbol; prepare to rule the lake with the MasterCraft X-55.

The Wakes

At first, the MasterCraft X-55 is a little intimidating, with its large size and the roar of the turbocharged Volkswagen diesel engine. But when you charge into the wake for the first time, you’ll find the same gradual ramps and pillow-soft landings MasterCraft Boats is known for. If you’re only using factory ballast, look for a sweet spot at 22 to 23 mph at 70 to 75 feet.

Don't Miss

MAIN CABIN The epitome of comfort, the MasterCraft X-55 reminds us how far boats have come from the days of straight-back seats and closed bows. The MasterCraft X-55's contoured rear seat backs welcome wake viewing, the starboard seat bench converts from forward- to rear-facing and the helm is something straight out of a yacht, with every comfort and convenience a big-boat captain needs.


People: 18

Dry weight: 5,150 lb.

Fuel capacity: 90 gal.

Tower: ZeroFlex flyer

Racks: Swivel and clamping

Wake shaper: Adjustable wake plate


Standard: MCX 5.7L 350 hp

Test: Master-Craft LY6 6L 400 hp*

Test prop: OJ 14.75 x 17.5 four-blade

Cruise: PerfectPass Wakeboard Pro; Zero Off Wakeboard*

* = Optional


1,120 lb. total (480-lb. center tank, two 320-lb. rear tanks)

Test Measurements

Length: 25 ft. 5 in.

Width: 8 ft. 6 in.

Bow length: 77 in.

Bow width: 79 in.

Floor to tower: 82 in.

Gunwale: 33 in.

Main lounge: 73 sq. ft.

Sun pad: 21 sq. ft.

Platform: 14 sq. ft.