Centurion Enzo SV240 2010

Wakeboard Boat Review

Centurion Boats is perhaps wakesurfing’s biggest champion. That commitment radiates from the Centurion Enzo SV240, the company’s flagship and the official tow boat of the World Wakesurfing Championships. Wakesurf-centric features are everywhere, from the new Skylon wakesurf rack to the Sideswipe Exhaust, which channels fumes to either side of the boat, letting riders tuck into barrels without worry. While the Centurion SV240 can stake a fair claim to the title of world’s best wakesurf boat, it’s also a pro-level wakeboard boat. Thanks to the new colored billet dash and the mirror polish of the bling-bling billet kit, our test boat was the most well-put-together Centurion wakeboarding boat we’ve been in. This year’s Centurion Enzo SV240 is loaded with standard features, including a tandem trailer; the PCM ZR 409 engine; Gladiator tower; center, mid and rear ballast; the new Pro Vision digital dash screen; dual batteries; stainless-steel packages; as well as an upgraded Sirius-ready stereo with remote, amp and subwoofer.

Don’t Miss

Gladiator tower Combining a state-of-the-art swooped-back look with the easy-fold-down function, the Centurion Enzo SV240’s Gladiator tower is a must-have for the serious rider. It’s also a great platform for Centurion Boats’ range of wakeboard and wakesurf racks and the Amphitheatre 2 sound system, which includes four matching Rubicon tower speakers.

The Wakes

With a five-tank, 1,250-pound ballast system, our test boat threw a clean and meaty wake with comfortable transitions and a lot of straight-up pop. This almost-25-foot wakeboarding boat can handle a lot of weight, so load it up with the sixth available tank and 16 people for one of the best wakesurf sessions you’ll find inland.



Base MSRP: $82,810

People: 16

Dry weight: 4,600 lb.


Fuel capacity: 46 gal.

Tower: Double-Up, Evolution*, Gladiator

Racks: Skylon (fixed or swivel)*, Skylon wakesurf rack*


Wake shaper: Bennett Trim Tab*, Switch Blade*

Test Measurements:

Length: 24 ft. 7 in.

Width: 8 ft. 6 in.


Bow length: 72 in.

Bow width: 76 in.

Floor to tower: 84 in.

Gunwale: 32 in.

Main lounge: 65 sq. ft.

Sun pad: 27 sq. ft.

Platform: 13 sq. ft.

Ballast: 1,500 lb. (two 250-lb. bow tanks, two 250-lb. center tanks, two 250-lb. rear tanks)


Standard: PCM ZR 409 6L, 409 hp

Test: PCM ZR 409 6L, 409 hp

Test prop: Acme 18.5 x 13.25 four-blade*

Cruise: SmartTow, PerfectPass Star Gazer Wake Edition*

* = Optional