MasterCraft Boats X-35 2009

Boat Review

With its massive, wide-open layout and smooth-riding deep-V hull, the MasterCraft X-35 wakeboard boat is a can’t-miss for the big, multisport family. Better yet, with room for 16, let’s call it a multisport, multifamily must-have. Like its larger siblings, the X-45 and X-55, the MasterCraft X-35 somehow feels even bigger than it’s 102-inch beam – the maximum width you can trailer, by the way – because of its stretch-to-the-limit gunwales and space-creating pickle-fork bow. The riders in the family will be stoked, too, thanks to the standard Zero Flex tower, swivel X-Series board racks and three-tank ballast system.



There’s not a bad seat in the house inside this wakeboard boat. We liked the contoured rear-facing seats at the tip of the stretch-out-worthy pickle-fork bow, and how the new diamond pleat seems to direct you to the sweetest seats. Our favorite spot, though, was the new reversible passenger seat, which transforms from rear- to forward-facing with little more than a lift.



People: 16

Dry weight: 4,900 lb.

Fuel capacity: 60 gal.


Tower: Zero Flex Flyer

Racks: Swivel and clamping

Wake shaper: Adjustable wake plate*



Length: 23 ft. 5 in.

Width: 8 ft. 6 in.

Bow length: 63 in.


Bow width: 78 in.

Floor to tower: 80 in.

Gunwale: 30 in.

Main lounge: 67 sq. ft.

Sun pad: 21 sq. ft.

Platform: 14 sq. ft.

Ballast: 805 lb. (one 445-lb. bow tank; two 180-lb. center tanks)


Standard: MasterCraft RTP-1 5.7L 310 hp

Test prop: OJ 14.75 x 15.5 four-blade

Cruise: PerfectPass Wakeboard Pro; ZeroOff Wakeboard*

* = Optional


The MasterCraft X-35 is comparable in size to the X-Star; however, it has a different hull with a deep-V, which creates a great wake at recreational levels. And like all the big, deep-V MasterCrafts, the X-35’s surf wake is solid. So load up that 800 pounds of ballast and charge it.