MasterCraft Boats X-Star 2009


The MasterCraft X-Star's list of superlatives seems unending. Here's just a taste: It's the official tow boat of seven events, including the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour and Parks' Double or Nothing, and it's the boat of choice for two-time Wakeboarder of the Year Rusty Malinoski and wake legend Parks Bonifay. What's our favorite part? When the MasterCraft X-Star is weighted and propped right — 14 inches by 14.25 inches, for the record — its wakes can boost any trick — evidenced by the nearly 10 1080s landed behind this boat. It is MasterCraft Boats' premier wake ride.


Unlimited Customization

MasterCraft’s 2009 wrap program, which is available on any pickle-fork X-Series boat, outfits your ride in a dozen special-edition designs, including Parks Bonifay’s new futuristic metallic setup. Even better: Each wrap design can be color customized, letting you further separate your wake ride from the lake masses.


  • People: 12

  • Dry weight: 4,250 lbs.

  • Fuel capacity: 53 gal.

  • Tower: Zero Flex Flyer

  • Racks: Swivel and clamping

  • Wake shaper: N/A


  • Length: 22 ft. 3 in.

  • Width: 8 ft. 4 in.

  • Bow length: 77 in.

  • Bow width: 67 in.

  • Floor to tower: 82 in.

  • Gunwale: 31 in.

  • Main lounge: 53 sq. ft.

  • Sun pad: 32 sq. ft.

  • Platform: 12 sq ft.

  • Ballast: 865 lb. (one 445-lb. bow tank; two 210-lb. center tanks)


  • Standard: MasterCraft RTP-1 5.7L 310 hp

  • Test prop: OJ 14x14.25 4-blade

  • Cruise: PerfectPass Wakeboard Pro, ZeroOff Wakeboard*

* = Optional


Don't expect to serve up the kind of meaty double-ups that sent Malinoski to seven 1080s and the first-ever backside 900 with just factory ballast. To send these beautifully transitioned ramps to pro-level heights, you have to load up the MasterCraft X-Star like the pros do. When done right, though, the MasterCraft X-Star's wake is huge. Yet it is forgiving, thanks to its long transitions, which cushion your landings.