Tigé 24Vé 2008

Wakeboard Boat Review

This Tigé 24Vé represents Tigé at its most deluxe. We couldn’t miss the wide-open interior with full wraparound seating. While the bow is the traditional shape, the stern sports a bench for riders to get ready at and a white walkover that won’t get hot in the summer sun. The wakeboard boat has even pulled Tigé tournaments.

Hull: This boat features Tigé’s signature ConvexV hull that’s designed to kick up wake with the TAPS2 plate. To a certain extent, it does the job — producing more wake than you’d expect without extra weight. However, for intermediate or advanced wakeboarders, you’ll still need the extra ballast to get the wakes you want.

Ballast: We tested the Tigé 24Vé with the optional 900-pound factory ballast system. Personally, we can’t imagine riding without ballast. A wakeboard boat like this, weighing in at 4,200 pounds and up to 16 passengers, can offer plenty of its own weight displacement, for sure. But that extra poundage gives these wakes more welcome meat.


Tower: The optional tower can be outfitted with swivel wakeboard racks, speakers and lights. It’s one of the higher towers we saw, so we liked the extra headroom, even if it meant reaching a little more to get the rope on. As we got to higher speeds, we noticed our wakeboards shaking in the racks, so we made sure to secure them before really opening up the throttle.

Wake shaper: Tigé’s TAPS² wake-shaping system is actually standard, which is nice. It controls an on-the-fly adjustable plate at the back of the wakeboard boat that can be set from 1 for a mellower wake all the way up to 8 for a sharper, peakier wake. We recommend either 3 or 5, depending on how much air you like.

Highlight feature: Interior space. One of the best things about a boat this size is the space it provides, and any wakeboarder knows that space can be used for more than just stashing gear. There are a lot of compartments suitable for adding extra ballast to make this boat’s wake even bigger.


The wake: The Tigé 24Vé has some pretty meaty wake at all line lengths and TAPS² settings we tested. At 75 feet going 22 mph, the wake’s a little wide, so we settled on setting the wake to 5 for the extra lip to clear them. For most riders, we’d recommend riding at 70 feet and 23 mph. Set the TAPS² to 3 for less lip or 5 if you like a little more.

What We Dig

— Stainless-steel cup holders placed well

— iPod plug with stereo


— 12-volt outlets for cells

— Flip-over corner cushion for stepping in

— Transom walk-through


— Rear bench with storage compartment


Length w/o platform: 24’

Beam: 8’6”

People: 16

Dry weight: 4,320 lb.

Ballast: 900 lb.*

Tower: Tigé E Series*

Racks: Swivel wakeboard racks*

Wake shaper: TAPS²

Main lounge: 68 sq. ft.

Stereo: AM/FM/CD Clarion deck, Wet Sounds speakers, amp, subwoofer, remote, satellite-radio ready, iPod interface, digital transom remote*

Cooler: 25 qt.

Fuel: 48 gal.

Trailer: Tandem axle*

Base MSRP: $51,250



Standard: Tigé GM Vortec 5.7L, 315 hp

Test: Tigé GM Vortec 5.7L, 340 hp

Test prop: Acme 13.5×15.5 blade

Cruise: Tigé Speedset optional