Svfara Marine Inc. SV609 2008

Wakeboard Boat Review

Svfara’s resident multisport boat is a sub 20-footer that reminds us a lot of a sleek, two-door sports car, though it’s a six-seater rather than a two. The styling and stainless-steel touches make the boat look great, and we were happy to see that this size direct-drive could perform for wakeboarding with impressive wake shape.

Hull: Like all Svfara boats, the SV609’s hull utilizes the process of vacuum infusion. Hulls are fiberglass infused with Core-Cell construction. As one of the smaller boats in this guide, the size of the hull and the center engine balance makes the boat more nimble.

Ballast: The optional 550 pounds of ballast is pretty evenly distributed, with 200 pounds in the front and 350 in the back. While 550 pounds might sound a little insignificant, it makes for a very respectable, and almost perfectly shaped, wake.


Tower: An optional feature that any wakeboarder needs to get is the new Samson Razorblade tower. Made with 3-inch brushed aluminum, this tower is functional and beautiful and comes with swivel board racks. Add in the four tower speakers for the complete package. That turns what may look like a ski boat into a wakeboarding boat with some attitude.

Highlight feature: You really have to hand it to the boys at Svfara; they really know how to make a stylish boat. The SV609 exudes the European sportster style from its clean curves and lines to its colors and every other aspect of this boat.

The wake:These wakes of course aren’t as big as Svfara’s other two boats we tested, the relatively huge SV2 and SV3, but we’d be hard-pressed to find a wake with better shape. Not too lippy and not too rampy, the small to medium-sized wakes this boat puts off are so much fun to ride. We’d stick to 65 feet to enjoy this wake as much as possible.


What We Dig

-Back seat can be removed for extra room

-Custom graphics are available to get a special look

-A bimini works well with the tower for shade


-Observer’s seat opens up for storage

-Add a shower for all-day trips


Length w/o platform: 19’8”


Beam: 7’1”

People: 6

Dry weight: 2,400 lb.

Ballast: 550 lb. total (1 bow tank, 200 lb.; 1 rear bag, 350 lb.)*

Tower*: Samson Razorblade

Racks*: Swivel wakeboard racks

Main lounge: 61 sq. ft.

Stereo*: Clarion deck, six Kicker speakers, amp, subwoofer, remote, satellite-radio ready

Cooler*: 20 qt.

Fuel: 28 gal.

Trailer*: Single/tandem

Base MSRP: $39,800



Standard: MerCruiser 5.7L, 330 hp

Test: MerCruiser 5.7L, 330 hp

Test prop: Acme 13×12 three-blade

Cruise: PerfectPass optional