Svfara Marine Inc. SV2 2008

Wakeboard Boat Review

Svfara is always proving itself as one of the most unique wakeboard boat companies around, and not just because they’re based in Canada. For example, check out the interior on this Svfara SV2. Not exactly what we normally see. Besides all the unusual curves and walk-through sun pad, there’s a built-in sink. All those eye-openers and we were still surprised by the characteristics of the wake.

Hull: Like all Svfara boats, the SV2's hull utilizes the process of vacuum infusion. Hulls are fiberglass infused with Core-Cell construction. These wakeboard boats are also built one at a time rather than as part of a typical assembly line process. Beyond the Canadian work ethic that's put into these wakeboard boats comes a sense of styling and overall profile that seems European.

Ballast: The impressive 1,390 pounds of stock ballast that Svfara provides on the SV2 is weighted mostly in the back, with two rear tanks there at 600 pounds each. With the ballast filled we were very happy with the wakes this 23-foot wakeboard boat churned out.

Tower: The optional wakeboard tower is not only very functional, with clamp racks and a sturdy pull, but the forward-sweeping design works really well with the rest of the boat's lines and looks just great. You get a choice between the Gen 5, which looks almost like the radar arch on a yacht, and Switchblade towers.

Highlight feature: The lounge seating almost defies description. Instead of a traditional L-shaped configuration, the Svfara SV2 turned it sideways for a port-facing half-moon setup. It's a refreshing change and the resulting passenger flow works well with the sun pad walk-through.

The wake: We try to have an open mind climbing into each wakeboard boat we test, but the Svfara SV2 flat out exceeded our expectations. The wakes were big, especially considering we were riding with factory ballast, and our wakeboarders enjoyed the long ramp that had a great angle for big kicks. At 70 feet, the width was easy to clear with a mellow, progressive edge. At 65 feet, the wake narrowed a bit, something that beginners would like.

What We Dig

-Wet bar with sink behind the driver

-U-shaped rear lounge

-Billet aluminum gauges

-10-inch subwoofer under the dash

-Snap-out carpeting convenient for cleanup


Length w/o platform: 23’

Beam: 8’6”

People: 12

Dry weight: 3,400 lb.

Ballast: 1,390 lb. total (1 center tank, 190 lb.; 2 rear tanks, 600 lb. each)

Tower: Gen 5 or Switchblade*

Racks: Clamp*

Main lounge: 63 sq. ft.

Stereo*: AM/FM/CD Clarion deck, Kicker speakers, amp, subwoofer, remote, satellite-radio ready

Cooler*: 20 qt.

Fuel: 40 gal.

Trailer*: Tandem axle

Base MSRP: $58,900



Standard: MerCruiser Black Scorpion 5.7L, 330 hp

Test: MerCruiser Black Scorpion 5.7L, 330 hp

Test prop: Acme 13.5x12 four-blade

Cruise: PerfectPass