Supra Launch 24 SSV 2008

Wakeboard Boat Review

Supra Boats’ core wakeboarding flagship, the Supra Launch 24 SSV is the official tow boat of the WWA World Wakeboard Championships and can bring world-class performance home to your lake. No wonder the Supra Launch 24 SSV is the choice of most of Supra Boats’ team riders.

Hull: The Supra Launch 24 SSV’s wakeboarding-oriented deep-V keel keeps the bow in the water where it can help smooth out rough water and slice through rollers and double-ups while keeping your passengers comfortable. The design aids in tracking, as well. And with more of the nearly 4,000-pound wakeboard boat in the water, monster wakes are sure to follow.

Ballast: Nearly a full ton of wake-shaping weight — that’s a total of 1,950 pounds — comes standard on the Supra Launch 24 SSV, and that’s a big plus. With a massive 1,150-pound bag in the bow and a pair of 400-pound rear bags, the Supra Launch 24 SSV’s factory ballast system has the biggest capacity in the Supra Boats line.


Tower: Nearly everything we could ask for in a tower came bolted onto this monster. The list of features is long on the Worlds Edition rig — stainless tower mirror bracket, four Roswell LED lights, four two-way Kicker speakers and shiny black, swivel wakeboard racks. And that’s all anchored by the super-versatile Z5 cargo rack.

Wake shaper: Supra Boats’ Smart Plate takes the guesswork out of the equation. Working in harmony with the standard PerfectPass cruise, wakeboarders can use the hydraulic plate to tweak their preferences with very simple controls. And when you have to hand over the helm to an unfamiliar driver, the preset function will dial in your favorite setup.

Highlight feature: The Worlds Edition


The morning we saw this boat at the dock in all its blue and black majesty, we knew Supra Boats had made something special. Besides the signature hull graphics, the tower stands out for its Roswell speakers, black powder coating and LED lights.

The wake: With the monster factory ballast system filled, we set the Smart Plate halfway down and tuned the wake to each wakeboarder’s liking. We found sweet spots at 25.2 mph at line lengths of 75 and 80 feet. And the results were crisp, poppy wakes and clean double-ups that were easy to hit.

What We Dig

-Solid construction with foam-filled stringers


-Z5 cargo rack is functional and stylish

-Dash features billet-aluminum insert

-Rear-facing seating everywhere


-Transom remote part of high-end sound system


Length w/o platform: 24’

Beam: 8’6”

People: 16

Dry weight: 3,950 lb.

Ballast: 1,950 lb.

Tower: Rad-a-Cage wakeboard tower

Racks: Swivel wakeboard racks

Wake shaper: Smart Plate

Main lounge: 62 sq. ft.

Stereo: Kenwood deck, Kicker speakers, amp, subwoofer, remote, satellite-radio ready, iPod/MP3 connector

Cooler: 81 qt.

Fuel: 52 gal.

Trailer: Tandem axle

Base MSRP: $68,995


Test: Indmar Ext Cat 5.7 L, 340 hp

Standard: Indmar Ext Cat 5.7 L, 340 hp

Test prop: OJ 14.25×14 four-blade

Cruise: PerfectPass