MasterCraft Boats X-45 2008

January 1, 2008

Wakeboard Boat Review

With any other wakeboard boat company, the MasterCraft X-45 would be the biggest, baddest model in the lineup. MasterCraft’s got the monster 28-foot X-80, though. Still, the MasterCraft X-45 shouldn’t be overshadowed. It has room for 18 people, it has a beefy wake and it has the very cool VDIG dash display.

Hull: This is a modified step design that’s able to handle the chop found on bigger water as well as sculpts wakeboarding wakes. At more than 24 feet long and at the maximum trailerable width with exhaustive construction methods applied throughout, the X-45 is a solid ride for just cruising across that open water.

Ballast: The 1,000-pound capacity of this factory ballast system — two rear tanks at 350 pounds each and a 300-pound bag — is just part of the story. MasterCraft supports all of it with heavy-duty pumps that aren’t just plastic livewell pumps. They won’t burn out, and they have changeable impellers for easy maintenance. Extra ballast can go over the integrated tanks too.


Tower: The ZeroFlex tower does a great job of branding the wakeboard boat as a MasterCraft, with the big logo running up the side of the rear supports. We also love how secure the racks keep the boards, even at cruising speeds. They easily swivel into the interior.

Wake shaper: This is the only X-Series boat that comes standard with the Wake Adjustment Plate and one of the few it’s even available on. It can come in handy on mellowing out the wake shape for less-experienced riders.

Highlight feature: We can’t say enough about the VDIG. This video-screen panel on the dash has intuitive controls with the best visuals we’ve seen to show ballast configuration, lake depth and more. And we like the preloaded Rusty video clip.


The wake: These big wakes are somewhat on the steep side of the spectrum. Advanced riders will be able to challenge them right away and launch off the lippy peak. Beginners may want to make some adjustments to the ballast and wake shaper.

What We Dig

-Pickle-fork bow creates an almost square seating area

-Hot graphics and gelcoat patterns


-Billet aluminum hardware and accents

-Construction with backing plates for every bolt

-Step-over to transom is convenient down the center



Length w/o platform: 24’2”

Beam: 8’6”

People: 18

Dry weight: 4,950 lb.

Ballast: 1,000 lb. (two rear tanks, 350 lb. each; one bag, 300 lb.)

Tower: ZeroFlex

Racks: Swivel

Wake shaper: Adjustable plate

Main lounge: 66 sq. ft.

Stereo: Clarion deck, four speakers, satellite-radio ready

Cooler: 36 qt.

Fuel: 90 gal.

Trailer*: Single/tandem axle



Standard: Indmar RTP-1 5.7L, 310 hp

Test: Indmar LY6 6.0L, 400 hp

Test prop: OJ four-blade

Cruise: PerfectPass


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