MasterCraft X-1 2006

Wakeboard Boat Review

This was the boat back in the day. It was the first to carry what has become a legendary name: MasterCraft X-Star. It pulled the X Games – seven times! The Pro Wakeboard Tour had it as the official wakeboard boat for six years. Now, you know how hit PS2 games get repackaged as $19.99 deals? Same thing here. MasterCraft has taken the original X-Star, renamed it the MasterCraft X-1 and is offering it at a trailer-included budget price: $39,995.

Ballast system


Proportionally speaking, the 700 pounds of factory ballast is a tremendous amount for this size wakeboard boat.

Proven hull

This is a trailblazer from the first wave of wakeboarding-specific hulls. It’s a timeless classic.



The aluminum Zero Flex Flyer tower comes standard with its 2 1/2-inch posts mounted amazingly well.

Wake Shape


These wakes never go out of style. With a 90-inch beam, it’s a narrow wakeboard boat, so the distance to cross the table is very doable for beginners. The peaks are rounded but retain enough pop for any-level rider. If you’ve seen any old-school video of today’s rock stars launching off the old X-Star, you’ll see what’s possible with this MasterCraft X-1. And the wakeboard boat’s nimble size makes handling and turning ideal – and you only need a 310-horsepower engine to blast off like a water rocket.


Length 20 ft. 7 in. Beam 90 in.


Seating capacity 11

Fuel capacity 33 gal.

Test Prop OJ 13.7 x 17.4 4-blade

Test Engine: Indmar RTP-1 5.7L, 310 hp

Top Speed 45.8 mph 4,900 rpm

Accel. To 30 mph 4.7 sec. 115.0 ft.

Accel. To 36 mph 6.0 sec. 174.1 ft.

Noise levels (db) Neutral 65 D 61 R, 36 mph 88 D 94 R