Sea-Doo Sport Boats Sportster SCIC 2006

The most boring distance between two points is a straight line. Forget about taking the short route. Especially when the long route is filled with more cutting, slashing, zigging and zagging. On the Sportster, point B is usually an afterthought. Perhaps no other boat on the water gives you more intuitive handling and maneuverability. Its tight feel at the helm and extreme agility allow you to change direction instantaneously with zero lag time. You'll want to take the scenic route over and over. The Sportster is available in an all-yellow 155 HP or black and yellow 215 HP supercharged intercooled Rotax engine option. There's room for four passengers and an in-floor locker for skis and equipment. The Sportster is also available with an optional wakeboard tower. Jump in and take off. In the Sportster, you don't have to worry about anyone following you.