Sea-Doo Sport Boats Speedster Wake 2006

More power. More wake. More sick air. What goes up doesn't always come down. Just ask any wakeboarder who rides behind the new Speedster Wake. Fitted with a 600-lb. (272-kg) ballast tank and a seven-foot tow point above the water for extreme altitude. And a 310 HP or 430 HP power pack option that creates a serious launching pad. It not only defies description-it defies gravity. Everything on the new Speedster Wake was designed for extreme sport and serious air. A new ballast tank allows you to fill and empty water in minutes at the touch of a button. It also comes with PerfectPassTM Pro Speed Control with eight different speed controls to help you personalize and create the perfect wake for different riders. Spotters can also speak to boarders through a P.A. system connected to two tower speakers. On the Speedster Wake, you'll take the sport to another level.