Malibu Sunscape 21 LSV 2006

Wakeboard Boat Review

When your family takes center stage, look to the Malibu Sunscape 21 LSV. It’s a versatile V-drive that comes in a manageable size — 21 feet, 6 inches by 98 inches — making it easy to navigate and house in the garage, yet big enough to fit kids and friends for a wet ‘n’ wild weekend.

We highly recommend considering it if you’re a wakeboard boat buyer looking to trade up from an I/O. The driving and wake characteristics will amaze you, yet this water-sports performance doesn’t come at the price of space or luxury. In fact, the Malibu Sunscape 21 LSV is so well-appointed that you’ll have a great time crossing the lake even if you aren’t into crossing the wake — yet.



Serious wakeboarders will find the volume and shape of wakes they crave by opting for the new tower, Power Wedge and 500 pounds of center ballast to, as the saying goes, kick it up a notch. Just because the Malibu Sunscape 21 LSV is billed as a “luxury sport-V” doesn’t mean you can’t unlock its riding potential.



The Malibu Sunscape 21 LSV is quick to plane, and its turning ability is extremely symmetrical. The confidence in handling is a result of the Gorilla tracking fins that plunge especially deep into the water; the rack-and-pinion steering; the adjustable rudder that can tighten up control as you see fit; and the Precision Pro Speed Control, a new standard feature that’s easy to employ. All that, plus Malibu’s balanced design that doesn’t pull to the driver’s side, adds up to solid handling that even first-time V-drive pilots can grasp fast.


Malibu Boats makes it look so easy to offer this much comfort, yet the luxurious feel of the Malibu Sunscape 21 LSV comes from a startling amount of effort. We’ve watched as Malibu Boats employees lean tightly into sewing machines to makes sure every stitch in the 38-ounce vinyl comes out perfect. We’ve seen them completely focused as they hand-wrap it, with any wrinkle being their worst enemy. All that work is why a Malibu boat is so polished, so plush, with a fit and finish that are practically unrivaled. Top it off with more obvious features such as stainless-steel cup holders, interior lighting and a killer optional stereo, and the Malibu Sunscape 21 LSV is a real standout.



Base price: $43,400

Length: 21 ft. 6 in.


Beam: 98 in.

Seating capacity: 12

Fuel capacity: 46 gal.

Test Prop: Acme 13.5 x 17.5 4-blade

Test Engine: Indmar Hammerhead 383 6.2L, 400 hp

Top Speed: 47.5 mph 5,200 rpm

Accel. To 30 mph: 5 sec. 116.4 ft.

Accel. To 36 mph: 6.5 sec.190 ft.

Noise Levels (db): Neutral 62 D 60 R, 36 mph 89 D 93 R