Session Session 22 Xi 2003

Dream Machines By Jana Waring Trevor Hansen Regal Session 22XI Jana: Tell us about your boat -- what's your favorite feature? Trevor: That has to be the surround-sound DVD system. It has an 11-inch flat screen, and it's all hooked up to surround sound, so you can sit anywhere in the boat and have a good time. Why would you want to watch a DVD in the boat while you're trying to watch your friends ride? Well, for one reason, the DVD kinda draws the girls into the boat. And all the seating is arranged so you can check out the DVD at the same time you're watching someone ride. So you can watch a wakeboard video or hook into the digital inputs with a video camera and watch yourself right after you ride, which will help you learn quicker. Speaking of girls, how do they like the boat? Oh, the girls love it. The seating arrangements are perfect for sitting in the back and hanging out right by the action, while grabbing some sun at the same time. How many girls can you fit in your boat? I would say about 12 [laughs]. How does your boat drive when it's fully loaded with passengers and weight? It drives like a Cadillac. You can drive perfect double-ups, and the steering wheel is nice and not too tight so the boat drives really smooth. How about your sound system? There are six Clarion speakers, four tweeters and one 10-inch sub all connected to the flat-screen DVD. And everything is powered by two Clarion 400-watt amps. What kind of music are you pumping through those speakers? Since we got so much bump in the Session we got to play some hip-hop. Rate the wake. It's perfect, actually. Everyone who's ridden it says it's the best wake out there. It's got a great shape, good for all riders at any level. Not too steep -- it's just right.