Sanger V237 XTZ

The all new V237 XTZ is the latest model from the Sanger family of boats. This 23'5" masterpiece is a brand new design and will turn heads everywhere it goes. If you're looking to ride the endless wave on your new surfboard, look no further. Specially designed to surf either side with the flick of a switch. You'll never need to go to the coast to catch a wave. Wakeboarding behind this monster will impress the most demanding

riders. Driving this nimble SUV will put a smile on your face and the wind over your head. The whole family and friends will enjoy the room and storage for all your boating needs. Never having to mind when junior invites an extra buddy, this 14-person boat will consume as many as you can throw at it. Hurry down to your local dealer and take advantage of all the year end saving our dealers have to offer. Sanger Boat, "Built for life" since1954!